Enabling A Generational Transformation Panel | World Economic Forum

I was invited to join the closing panel discussion titled “Enabling a Generational Transformation” where I discussed what led Daraty team to build Daraty and how education should evolve to empower the next generation.

IFC – International Finance Corporation | Daraty Interview

Facebook Live interview about Daraty conducted by International Finance Corporation during the World Economic Forum MENA Summit 2017, The Dead Sea, Jordan.

Hardware Women  Entrepreneurship

Damascus Girl Geeks Dinners is an informal organisation that promotes women in the Information technology industry.Chapters organize local events featuring both female and male speakers with mostly female attendees.

SHinE Intitiative

Empowering young girls to become the leaders of tomorrow- Project Cycle management course

Open Source Hardware – Arduino

Introducing Arduino live to the Syrian hardware community for the first time – Summer 2012